All proceeds go to the aid of orphans!
61 Surplus is a retailer for Better Life Coffee. Better Life Coffee is a ministry that purchases coffee from South American Farmers at a fair and sustainable wage.  The proceeds of the coffee sales help with the building of a boarding school in Nicaragua for orphans.   
​We are proud to partner with Forest of Hope to create sustainable change in the life of some of the 40 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Near the city of Putao, Myanmar we were able to partner with other organizations to build a home for approximately 40 children who were orphaned and without homes due to a devastating tsunami and civil war. The home was built with supplies funded by 61 Surplus and labor donated by local Burmese craftsman
We helped start a business to create jobs for orphan boys in Uganda who had reached the age of 18 and needed to be taught a trade skill set and then given job opportunities. 
A sawmill was purchased by 61 Surplus to provide easier and more efficient tree harvesting to fund the education of hundreds of orphans in Africa. 
Bamba Forge, Uganda
Forest of Hope
We built a cabin, shower room, and a class room to help with their goal of starting a boarding school for abandoned or orphaned kids throughout Nicaragua. 
Creating Hope 
AIM is Christ's Church fighting the ground war on sex trafficking in Cambodia. Their projects prevent, rescue, restore & reintegrate, impacting 10,000+ people a year!
We were presented with an extreme need within an orphanage in Pakistan. An orphanage that is providing homes to former slaves, abandoned and abused children that was in need of food and medicine. Infections were overtaking many of the kids and the hunger was overwhelming. The orphanage was on the brink of shutting down due to a lack of resources. That's where we came in.