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Sierra Leone Project

This past year we were given the opportunity to partner with Jericho Road on a project in Sierra Leone, Africa. Jericho Road originally went to Sierra Leone to set up a medical clinic because it is a very impoverished area. While they were there the Ebola epidemic hit the area. Many people and their families were quarantined inside their home as an attempt to stop the virus from spreading.

Due to the quarantine, families were going hungry and didn't have a way to get food or supplies. This forced residents to sneak out of their homes in search of nutrition which only spread the virus further. Forest of Hope took action and started putting together baskets of food and other necessities and delivered them to the porches of the quarantined families.

The Ebola virus took the lives of many people and left orphaned children in its wake. We, 61 Surplus, were able to supply funds to aid over one hundred orphans in the Kono District with food, shelter, medical and school supplies. The objective was to provide a safe home environment for those children, keep them enrolled in school and to meet their basic needs.

The provided funds were also used to pay the salary, transportation, and training for a full-time Psychosocial Worker. This person is tasked with the job of visiting each child periodically to ensure they are still in school and that their caregivers and school teachers are not exploiting them.

We are grateful for the chance to work with an organization like Jericho Road. A group that reaches out to the far regions of the world that are in need of help. The time and the effort that Jericho Road spends fulfilling needs and spreading love is incredible. We are more than honored to partner with them and make a difference in the lives of orphaned children.

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